Business Model


To stimulate and perform research and technology development for aviation and gas turbine operations:

  • In icing conditions;
  • For reducing noise and greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • Using alternative fuels and lubricants.


To be recognized as the global centre of excellence for environmental issues related to aviation and gas turbine operations

Business Model

EnviroTREC is:

  • A Non-profit organization (NPO) formed in October 2008
  • A research and educational network
  • A facilitator/catalyst for research and technology development programs
  • A teambuilder between industry, government and academia

EnviroTREC is not:

  • A single facility
  • A funding agency
  • A fixed and/or rigid entity

EnviroTREC’s focus is on collaborative pre-competitive research

  • But will strongly encourage and will participate in commercialization initiatives

EnviroTREC’s approach is to stimulate collaboration by assisting parties in obtaining funding from various sources

In collaboration with partner organizations, EnviroTREC has developed a Technology RoadMap (TRM) which identifies 25 enabling technologies that are linked to this TRM. This TRM will now be used to identify project implementation strategies and tactics. For more information on the Manitoba Aerospace Technology RoadMap, please go to the Projects page.