About Us

EnviroTREC is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) that is partnered with GLACIER, a limited partnership between Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney. Other partner organizations that were crucial to the establishment of this globally unique world-class facility include the National Research Council Institute for Aerospace Research, Western Economic Diversification Canada, the Province of Manitoba, MDS AERO Support Corporation and MDS Aero Test. MDS Aero Test is a Manitoba based firm which operates, maintains and markets the available cycles at the Thompson Facility. For more information on the role played by these organizations please go to our Partner Organizations page.

The EnviroTREC assets include all of the test systems and the thrust stand which are located at the GLACIER Facility in Thompson, Manitoba. This facility is the most modern engine icing certification facility in the world. It is capable of testing engines whose fan diameter is up to 140 inches while producing up to 150,000 pounds of thrust. EnviroTREC was formed to stimulate the development of technology programs which are required to support the operation of the facilities in Thompson. EnviroTREC is also involved in the development of the highly qualified personnel and technologies which are necessary to keep the EnviroTREC/GLACIER capabilities at the forefront of the aerospace sector.