EnviroTREC supported the MDS AeroTest / Glacier / University of Manitoba – Mech 4680 Engineering Design Capstone project for 2023.  The 2023 Capstone team was tasked to investigate and modify the 2022 conceptual design and to prepare a manufacture-ready Transport and Storage Cart design. Figure 1 is a picture of our Capstone Design Team.

The design challenge proposed by the client was to develop a manufacturing-ready solution to store the intermediate frame outdoors and be capable of withstanding year-round weather conditions and Foreign Object Debris. The solution should also be able to safely transport the intermediate frame around the site.

Figure 1: Capstone Project 2023, Design Team from Mech 4680

Team photo:  Ashly Susan Shalu, Kevin Ren, Jordan Campbell, and Andrew Hauta

The design team used the SCAMPER method and a Weighted Decision Matrix to compare the 2022 design with new alternate designs that were developed by the team. The final design chosen was a modified tarp trailer. A detailed design and analyses were done on the 30’x 12’ flat bed pintle-hitch trailer with custom intermediate frame mounts and extension brackets, with a retractable tarp system. The design has a combined height of 14.5’ with a 1.35’ snow indicator stick.

The team employed analytical and numerical methodologies to assess the design against the customer-defined requirements, including static and fatigue studies of the structure and its associated components.  The team also provided procurement specifications for the off-the-shelf components, as well as detailed manufacturing specifications for those parts requiring manufacturing. Figure 2 shows the final selection for the modified tarp trailer.

Figure 2: Final Design of the Modified Tarp Trailer

Source: EnviroTREC

A cost analysis, a recommendation for manufacturing and logistics, and a maintenance plan were prepared. Figure 3 shows the unveiled Tarp Trailer, revealing the skeletal structure and tailer under load.

Figure 3: Modified Tarp Trailer, unveiled and under load

Source: EnviroTREC

This design benefits the client by being compatible with the existing CAT loader, which is used for towing the trailer, as well as providing storage and protection of the Intermediate Frames. Additional improvements to the design were also recommended to provide an even more robust solution.

The team provided a detailed report to the client and provided a design presentation at the University of Manitoba on December 7, 2023 which was attended by EnviroTREC.

We wish the Capstone Design Team all the best in their studies and career.