After going through two years of pandemic protocols and COVID-19 regimes for convening a Board Meeting and AGM for an international organization, our Board finally met in person on September 14th for its 2022 gathering.

The 2022 EnviroTREC Board Meeting and AGM were held at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada on Wellington Ave, right across from the Winnipeg Airport. The Museum is capable of hosting and catering business meetings throughout the day. We were all impressed with the space, our hosts and the meeting setup.

At this 2022 AGM, our Chair, Keith Exelby, turned over the gavel after serving on the Chair of the Board since EnviroTREC’s inception in 2010.

The Board presented Keith with a plaque and their thanks for his service.

John Jastremski presents Keith Exelby with a plaque for his long service to EnviroTREC

The remainder of the Board, which was able to attend in person, gathered at one of the Museum displays for a group photo.

EnviroTREC’s Board received an update from Executive Director Kim Olson, who indicated a refocusing of the organization’s attention to supporting more projects, particularly in the Green Aviation area. These stories are regularly posted on EnviroTREC web pages.

Notes about the Aviation Museum

The reconstructed Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada was opened in May this year after a 3-year shutdown. During that period, a massive construction project was undertaken, enabling the Museum to move out of its WW2 hangar and into a modern, highly visible, and anxiously awaited facility. This was a complicated move as the old hangar was timed for demolition, with the airport authorities wanting the space for new activities and the Museum requiring holding space for its many valuable artifacts. These artifacts cannot be packed, trucked, and then stored in an ordinary warehouse, given that many of their assets were full-sized airplanes. All was completed in good order, and a beautiful facility now awaits its visitors.