EnviroTREC ready to send U of M Engineering Capstone Project back up north!

EnviroTREC and its sponsors supported a U of Manitoba Engineering Capstone project for the fall of 2016. The purpose of this project was to direct sunlight to the turbine blades, to support a photographic purpose and observe the gas turbine blades while they turn over 13,000 rpm! This U of M team considered the use of a heliostat, which would track the sun throughout the day and direct the light, using a very “green” solution to the problem at hand.

While sunlight is at a premium in Thompson in December, the daylight hours in June are from 4:45 am to 10:20 pm. This is an important feature to the recently completed Phase II of the GLACIER site, which supports endurance and other tests besides engine icing testing and certification (i.e. in December).

The team of Christine Benga, Hamidreza Yeganeh, Rob Rechik and Kysha Dela Rosa (students left to right in the photo) were flown to Thompson and where they toured the GLACIER Site and met with the site manager to discuss this project in further detail.

As our photo shows, EnviroTREC is all ready to send this project back up north to our colleagues at the GLACIER Facility.