Cadorath Engineering Inc. reaches new heights and becomes Canada’s latest Design Approval Organization

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – After three years of hard work, employees in Cadorath’s engineering and quality assurance departments are flying high. The company earned Design Approval Organizations (DAO) status with Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA).

“Cadorath has joined a very small and elite group of organizations in North America that can design, develop and approve our own engine and drivetrain repairs for rotary and fixed wing aircraft,” says President and CEO Gerry Cadorath.

With this delegation, Cadorath no longer relies on external approvals to take a repair from development to production. Instead, it has optimized its engineering department to design, substantiate, test and approve extended repairs in house. Cadorath is one of the few companies that can support both power plant and dynamic components under one roof.

As a DAO, Cadorath has the authority to generate approved data which is accepted by the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement, ensuring compliance with the regulations and standards within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In an industry that’s facing tougher rules than ever before, Cadorath is in a good position to expand its internal repair capabilities and help customers stay ahead of evolving compliance requirements.

“This achievement truly reflects the investment we are willing to make to support our customers and provide engineered design solutions for the challenges they face,” said Shane Zakaluk, Engineering Department Head at Cadorath.

Zakaluk and the Cadorath team are excited to bring a higher level of service to the maintenance, repair and operation industry and to continue fulfilling their company promise of “More UP Time” as a DAO.