On January 18th, the MAI met for their quarterly Aerospace industry update. The meeting was well attended, with almost over 75 people in attendance.

Wendell Wiebe – President MAI, Nichole Verkint CEO of OMT and Dayna Spiring, President and CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg (photo courtesy of MAI)

The keynote presentation for this meeting explored a unique take on procurement. The presenter, Nicole Verkindt – a former Manitoban with a family history in procurement support –  has recently moved on from working with textile projects to an online (IT) platform at their company which is headquartered in Toronto.

This company, OMX, is unlike other companies currently working in the procurement area. They are highly IT oriented (even recruiting contractors these days!), and the OMX platform is used to connect suppliers and partners, track relationships, map and extract key data analytics, prepare proposals and transactions as well as manage and track progress. OMT has an impressive client list across the globe which that participates in complex global supply chains. They do not only work with Industrial Technology Benefits, (ITB’s) but many other facets of the procurement process as well.

Several meeting attendees asked for a follow-up online seminar, as a number of interesting points were made about the business process of conducting procurement management through an online medium.