On Tuesday June 13, 2017 Manitoba aerospace, manufacturing and related interests gathered to discuss how and what Factories of the Future (FOTF) would resemble in Manitoba. A name change is likely to take place for this project,  but for the time being this is a well recognized idea.

This session was organized and facilitated by NRC with considerable input locally from Manitoba Aerospace/CARIC, the Vehicle Technology Centre and the Composite Innovation Centre.  About 85 people attended this day long focus group/industry consultation at the Hilton. Senior industry representatives were in attendance along with a number of supporting people from academe and the not-for-profit sector, enabling a robust and useful discussion. Topics of discussion included the gap analysis for manufacturing in Canada, synergies and challenges found in the local manufacturing ecosystem, and the role that NRC could support future developments.

A presentation on manufacturing by NRC.

A presentation on the recently released Manitoba Aerospace – Technology Road Map (located at Manitoba Aerospace, EnviroTREC or WestCARD websites!)


VTC Presentation covered the considerable range of off and on-road vehicles.


Facilitation of this session was supported by NRC staff.






At this time NRC has received a number of responses to their Request for Offers from the local business community for the siting of the proposed Factories of the Future (FOTF) project in Manitoba.