ENGAP (Engineering Access Program) is Canada’s best know engineering school for supporting and developing Indigenous students. This past week the ENGAP program invited presenters from Magellan Aerospace, Standard Aero, Boeing Winnipeg and EnviroTREC to discuss how student and graduate recruiting is conducted in these organizations.

MAI Aboriginal Liaison Coordinator led this event.





Presentations from a few recent Engineering grads at Magellan, Standard Aero and Winnipeg Boeing


EnviroTREC’s presenter talked about the GLACIER facility in Thompson, Manitoba. They currently have a CoOp student from U of M on site! To our readers here is a link to a YouTube video which everyone enjoyed at our presentation.

Presentation from EnviroTREC.

Our event had a Lunch and Learn component to it…after all it mid term season on campus these days!


ENGAP now has 70 students registered this program. This is apparently the largest enrolment in the program.  We wish the students well with their studies and their careers.