Stories from the 3rd Canadian Design Challenge

The 3rd iteration of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge was recently held in Ottawa. An impressive design by the University of Manitoba challenged conventional models for CubeSats by introducing a modular architecture for all elements of the spacecraft. The innovation design earned the team a 2nd place finish and praise from the judges for not settling for conventional standards.

EnviroTREC attended the debriefing session held on August 18th 2016 at Manitoba Aerospace Inc. This event was hosted by IEEE Winnipeg Section, the University of Manitoba, UMSATS, Manitoba Aerospace, and the Canadian Space Society. Two photos are included below from the student team’s testing activities while at the Florida Labs. The budget for this project was a rather considerable one and many Winnipeg businesses and organizations stepped up to provide cash and technical in-kind support (such as complex machining services) to the U of M student team.






UMSATS team poses with a subcomponent of their project while under test at CSA’s David Florida Lab (near Ottawa)

Work has now concluded on the 3rd CSDC and shortly a program of activities will commence at UMSATS for the 4the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge