EnviroTREC hits Hole in One at Manitoba Aerospace Inc. Golf Tournament!

We wish this were the case but it was far from it.

EnviroTREC joined in with the Manitoba aerospace community to participate in the annual golf tournament. Our partners this year were from WAA (Darryl) and SA (Don). They played a great game and we were in excellent spirits throughout.

September 15th was a great day for golfing at Larters, so we cannot blame the weather for our 6+ score for this Texas Scramble Tournament style game.

This annual Manitoba Aerospace Inc. golf tournament and related Manitoba All-Stars events have raised over $175,000 in scholarship support for students studying aerospace programs. (One award is given to each of:  Faculty of Engineering – Student Teams; Red River College – Stevenson Campus; Neeginan College of Applied Technology; and, Tec Voc High School)

As you may have noticed our team was a bit shy of the four-person quota used typical for a Texas Scramble. We are now recruiting for next year’s team. Please contact us if you have a one-digit handicap.

In the morning before the Manitoba Aerospace Golf Tournament, Manitoba Aerospace Inc. held its first Annual General Meeting (as MAI), having merged the previous two entities MAA and MAHRC.