The Canadian Space Society – Manitoba Team is busy planning for the upcoming CSS Annual Space Summit.

The CSS Manitoba Team met at the ITC this last Monday evening and went through the lineup of speakers and Gala Preparations. Planning is now well underway and all papers have been reviewed for this event.

The Annual Summit endeavours to include Arts and Culture into its agenda, and this year it will be truly unique. In addition to supporting the theme with art and conference agenda items, a Space-themed play will be hosted on the evening before the Summit opens. Further details on this, and the summit agenda, will be posted on the CSS webpage int he coming month.

The public is invited to join us at the Manitoba Museum on Sunday November 13th for a series of presentations and a public performance of a new, innovative play that explores the symbiotic relationship between space science and the arts.

Our compliments to the ITC, where we were able to use the conference phone system to login two additional remote participants as well as the helpful boardroom resources to support our planning activities. The organization of the CSS Summit 2016 is being supported by EnviroTREC.