EnviroTREC hosted an entourage of senior business and academic visitors from Quebec’s aerospace sector as they visited the GLACIER Site on August 8th, at Thompson Manitoba.

This visit served many purposes, and included meeting representatives from Thompson Unlimited, the Mayor’s office and Vale Mining. Engagements with two Manitoba organizations  – the Faculty of Engineering-University of Manitoba and the Industrial Technology Centre were also supported.

At the end of the visit to the GLACIER site the following “de rigueur” photo at the front of the test stand bellmouth was taken of the tour participants.

The importance of this visit comes through the fact that significant effort has been made to develop a research involvement of Manitoba industry and academia by supporting the CRIAQ program.

There is strong alignment of EnviroTREC and CRIAQ program goals in terms of generating collaborative technology development work between industry, academia and research agencies.  CRIAQ is a major success story in terms of fostering and financing R&D and technology development in Quebec.  Very recently, CRIAQ has changed its model of business engagement, such that firms in other provinces may participate in their projects with the same eligibility to receive funding as Quebec based companies.  Additionally in Manitoba, some funding agencies have identified their interest in supporting this type of industrial research.  The result from these events is that there is a real opportunity for innovative Manitoba based companies to gain leverage on their technology investments. Further Manitoba SME opportunities exist to develop partnerships and gain access to developing technologies that have the potential to significantly advance their own business interests.  EnviroTREC is committed to make this happen.

The CRIAQ entourage also visited other locations in Winnipeg during their tour. A few of the pictures of those sites and events are presented at the bottom of this webpage.

CRIAQ tour participants

Photo participants (left to right, in progressive order)
1. Jack-Eric Vandenbroucke École de technologie Supérieure
2. Martin Peryea, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Ltée,
3. Sylvain Turenne École Polytechnique of Montréal
4. Suzanne Frigault CRIAQ
5. Trevor Cornell – Industrial Technology Centre (Winnipeg, MB)
6. Clément Fortin CRIAQ
7. Mehdi Hojjati Concordia University
8. Alfonz Koncan – EnviroTREC
9. Joel Chotte Luxell Technologies Inc.
10. Jonathan Beddoes Dean of Engineering University of Manitoba
11. Arun Misra McGill University
12. Augustin Brais École Polytechnique of Montréal
13. Gaston Levesque Transtronic Inc
14. Jean-Philippe Gagnon Innovitech Inc
15. Augustin Gakwaya Laval University
16. Charles Magnan Mecachrome Canada
17. Fidele Moupfouma – Bombardier Aerospace
18. Vincent D’Arienzo – Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Ltée