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In March 2012, EnviroTREC made a presentation to the CRIAQ Board, requesting that they become an Associate Member of CRIAQ. This request was approved and this has now set the stage for further developments related to aerospace research in Manitoba.

The CRIAQ organization has been in existence for almost 10 years. In that time it has built a considerable capability to address aerospace needs in Canada. In the most recent calendar year, CRIAQ has expanded its boundaries and enabling other SME’s and LE’s from across Canada to participate in this consortium. EnviroTREC’s two key stakeholders, Pratt & Whitney Canada and, Rolls-Royce are both already members of CRIAQ. With this Associate Member position, SME’s from Manitoba will be able to participate in research projects, using local or other partners, including EnviroTREC. Following a presentation by Dr. Clement Fortin, several Manitoba aerospace stakeholders have announced that they will be attending the CRIAQ’s 6th Research Forum in May 16-17, in Montreal.

CRIAQ Presentation in Winnipeg, March 22, 2012