About the Event
The Canadian Environmental Test, Research and Education Centre (EnviroTREC), in partnership with the Aircraft Icing Research Alliance (AIRA) and the National Research Council of Canada Institute for Aerospace Research held an R&D Networking Event and Workshop on ICE CRYSTAL TESTING – Issues and Challenges! in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This event comprised of two days of workshops and networking during November 29th and 30th, 2011. An optional tour of the Glacier Facility in Thompson, Manitoba was held the following day, on December 1st.

A tour of the new GE Research and Development Test Center (RTDC) Facility at the Winnipeg Airport was hosted on Day 1 of the conference.


The objectives of this R&D Networking event were to provide a forum to discuss:

  • New regulatory requirements regarding Ice Crystal testing from both compliance and testing perspectives;
  • Implications of these new requirements on the design and use of Ice Crystal Test Facilities. Tours of two new major icing facilities in Manitoba were included in the program;
  • In-service experience related to ice crystal incidents including meteorological information related to ice crystal formation;
  • Research programs related to ice crystal formation including the development of specific requirements and modeling.

Thompson Add-On

This conference continued on December 1, 2011 with a tour the Glacier Facility in Thompson, Manitoba. This was an optional full day event.

EnviroTREC would like to to thank its Sponsors, Supporters, Presenters and Guests for making this conference a success.